Yu Suzuki Interview on the Future of Shenmue

Interview I stumbled across earlier today. It is quite a pleasant surprise to know how passionate Yu Suzuki is about the series he created, which must come to a conclusion one day.

Fans can only hope for a proper conclusion to this long dormant series. Shenmue 2 was the last in the series which was meant to span many games. The ending of Shenmue 2 unfortunately ended in a cliffhanger leaving many fans in utter turmoil and only imagining what would happen next. It seems Yu Suzuki needs a certain budget in order to produce the 3rd entry to the series.

From the interview above, we learn that the assets for the continuation of the series are still at Sega and are usable even today. I suppose questions still remain though on when Suzuki-san will receive the budget you requires to complete his work.

In the end, there is still no word on a Shenmue HD release or when fans will finally be able complete this masterpiece. Shenmue may not be strong when it comes to story but the characters and immersion that was crafted by Yu Suzuki and his team was what really stood out.

Kickstarter may not be able to generate nearly enough funds for this venture hopefully one day a publisher will come along and give Yu Suzuki – a veteran in the gaming industry – a hand.

*Credits for the Interview and the Video go to Shenmuemaster.fr


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