Retro Gaming: Code Name: Viper


One of the classics by Capcom back in the day was Code Name: Viper. This title is considered to be a hard yet rewarding game. Taking gameplay design nods from Rolling Thunder Series by Namco, Capcom decided to make a game based on action involving shooting, ducking and revolving doors.

code name viper3

The game has you playing as Kenny Smith an agent who works under his Commander, Director Jones. The object throughout the game is to defeat as many enemies as you can as you run through this side-scrolling action thriller. In order to be successful and complete the level a man must be found behind one of the revolving doors who holds a detonation device before proceeding to the end. This man is integral to the plot as he secretly obtains information for you, which will help you uncover the truth behind everything.


What makes the gameplay so rewarding is the style of gameplay. As you progress you must shoot and duck to take cover. Enemies usually involve taking 1 or 2 shots to kill, but what makes it difficult is the sheer amount of enemies and how quickly the pop up in your line of sight. You have limited ammunition and lives so mistakes are very costly. Reloading can only be done through obtaining ammunition behind doors.


The music in this title is also a treat. Making good use of the NES sound chip producing many memorable tunes. The synthetic compositions produced during these 8-bit games makes you really miss the times of old. Most modern games involve orchestra and real instruments – not that it is a bad thing – yet you can’t help but feel that an art form is lost with 8-bit gaming in the past.

Code Name Viper is a game Capcom should dedicate the time and remake in HD for new audiences of today; It is better than most of the new content they are putting out as of late. PSN, XBLA, and Steam platform releases would be nice, but perhaps that is a bit of wishful thinking. PS4 and Xbox One are around the corner too so perhaps there will be alternative steams for retro re-releases and remakes.



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