17th Century Perspective

So here I am providing another opinion on a book based in the medieval era. The impact of World Without End has encouraged me to seek out a similar reading on this erratic era of history. Though online recommendations I came across Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks.

The book starts off with an introduction to the main protagonist who is known as Anna Firth. The book follows her story in an era of the 17th century black plague. How did people cope with this ordeal at the time? How did this affect the daily lives of people? This is all explained in this short novel. Personally, I think the author did a good job talking about religion and the characters involved; it is based on a true story of the village of Eyam. Although, there is a significant lack of character development I found for some of the characters. This is a personal annoyance for me as with both games, movies or books I love strong character development. the latter half of the book also seemed to have taken a strange twist in terms of paranormal activity as people were highly superstitious at this time. How it was presented just felt odd since the events unfolded so suddenly. I felt that a better build up to these events was in order as it does change the tone of the novel a bit.

I won’t criticize this book any further as I did enjoy it for the most part but it is nowhere near the quality of Ken Folliet’s books. Sarum will be the next book I will be personally reading as it is supposed to be full of England’s historical context in detail.


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